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England: Recovering the van and Heysham

England: Recovering the van and Heysham

27.07.2015 - 28.07.2015

27.07.2015 – 28.07.2015

It’s been a while. The van needed some repairs. The lovely garage at Much Wenlock had to send the head cylinder off for testing, and with a couple of weekends in there – it took some time. But £750 later we’re back in business, and with a reversing light fitted to boot. I don’t know what road worthiness tests are like in Britain, but Dotty didn’t actually have a reversing light until now – seems pretty suss!

Those mechanics, they know their stuff. All greased, tweaked and oiled, and with a new coolant pump belt, Dotty feels like a new machine. So for the first time on this adventure, I had confidence in her being mechanically sound. It was liberating. After almost a whole day on trains crawling back up to Shrewsbury, we punched it up to a campsite outside Chester. We needed the facilities to help dispose and clean up the fridge – 10 days of it sitting unpowered had done no favours for any of our food. The tragedy!

Kate kindly donned the biohazard kit for the fridge

Kate kindly donned the biohazard kit for the fridge

In the morning we resupplied with essentials, then began our adventure north. We didn’t want to dally too much in England, but two hours in we detoured to the seaside town of Haysham, just north of Lancaster. Lancaster needs to sort out its traffic problems – near gridlock at 1pm. But we got through and to the coast.

Pulling up to the enormous and empty carpark, we were presented with a problem: 2 metre height barrier. Thanks for warning me, dicks! So I’m busily trying to reverse out of this one-way driveway, bumping in to the kerbs, and traffic from both directions decide to help by just weaving around me. It pissed me off! We ended up just parking on the street – nice work council, we parked for free instead.

As for the town – perched upon a headland are the remnants of an ancient chapel from 800AD. It was blowing and drizzly, but what a spiritual spot. Near the chapel are rock-carved graves. Eerie.

Mysterious rock graves, Heysham

Mysterious rock graves, Heysham

The 12C chapel on the rocks above Heysham

The ancient chapel on the rocks above Heysham

Below the chapel we wandered along the Haysham waterfront, encountering many dead crabs.

Sneak peek of Kate's 'dead things on beaches' collection

Sneak peek of Kate’s ‘dead things on beaches’ collection

It was too cold to stick around though – we hustled back to the van and pushed on. Past the Lake District, passed England really – gosh you can make some ground on the motorways! We ended our evening on the Scottish coastline, freecamping between two camp sites outside Powfoot. Suckers.

Scotland! Yay!

Scotland! Yay!


Our freecamp outside Powfoot


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