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Yea Science, bitch

Yea Science, bitch

Went to the science museum yesterday. I was told it was one of the best, and I was not disappointed – spent a straight eight hours there and didn’t make it halfway around everything.

I am writing a blog post about it because this needs to be shared:

Plenty more than a video of a squirrel there mind you.

Huge section on the history of steam power. This one powered 1700 looms for like 100 years before being retired!
Great video on the British trans-antarctic crossing
That phone in the drawer at home? Yea, it was made in 1982. It’s a museum exhibit.
Space! Apollo command module
Fatty McFat Fat mouse
Interactive section on climate change. They’ve got heaps of climate change stuff around. Some cool ideas in there, there’s a floor panel some guy’s designed, powered by foot steps, it depresses 5mm. London’s going to roll them out around tube stations to power lights and bus stops and stuff, cool!
I was deturbined not to get sucked in
Surprise plane section!
Surprise medical history section! Which was too much after the Hunterian Museum the other day.

An engineers paradise, this museum. They’ve also got quite a lot of neat interactive exhibits that give me ideas for work too, using cameras to interact with people and stuff. All things to play with over winter.

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