Thanks for visiting! I live in Wellington New Zealand and work in the eLearning industry within The Blair Learning Project.

I like writing, and this personal website serves as the vessel for it all:

  • Tramping: That’s kiwi for ‘hike’ – I document the tramps I go on to help others plan and learn from my experiences. I find it so useful myself and enjoy contributing to the community. If you find a tramping post helpful, comment and let me know – it’s nice to hear and makes it all worthwhile.
  • Tech: the repository of my little ‘knowledge nuggets’™ – bits of code or tech learning I’ve found useful in my work over the years. It has a two-fold purpose – help me, and help any other poor sap who may find their way here via desperate Google searching.

If you’d like to get in touch, try emailing lawrence@lawrenceblair.com.

Have a good time poking about!

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