The shot not taken

Game trails diverged among the dense trees, And sorry I couldn’t stalk both And hunt it all, I paused to freeze Looked down past my knees And spotted fresh sign in the undergrowth. My mind aroused, I scanned both ahead, To assess which to attend my aim, Searching for what prints could be read; Though... Continue Reading →

Electoral review

The NZ Government is doing an independent electoral review at the moment, and public submissions are open until 14th November 2022. I thought I would write in with my submission, and share it here. I think my opinion is right obviously (at time of writing anyway). Since the current system favours the major parties I... Continue Reading →

Two benefits to roadside garbage

Whether you live in sunny Aotearoa or are here on a visit, one thing you'll notice as you toddle about our fair country is an impressive volume of roadside trash. Takeaways and energy drinks seem to have the lions share, but you'll find plenty of beer bottles too and of course, the humble yellow sponge... Continue Reading →

Walking the black dog

My friend Nik ran a special walk in Wainui on the Friday Night Adventures Meetup recently, and I thought I'd say a few words on the subject as well. It's OK to be challenged and find things difficult. Most of the time we can do it by ourselves but it's great to know we have... Continue Reading →

eSports’ missed moment

I watch eSports. I watch other people play computer games. I've done it for a long time now, and it's a growing sub-culture whose time had seemingly come with COVID, but eSports has missed its moment. Real Time Strategy (RTS) are the best ones. I find watching RTS far more compelling than other 1vs1 elite... Continue Reading →

Level 4 COVID limericks

If it's 'authoritarian' to stay home for four,Recall the kin sent off to war!Just sit on your arse,You can wait out this farce,Then be back with your friends of slack-jaw. Well done getting four doz. loo rolls.Will you eat them if it's for you the bell tolls?If someone can't wipe their assThey'll just do it... Continue Reading →

Wellington Parking Ticket

I got a parking ticket. I got a parking ticket and it violates all that is fair, Just and decent. Since I am technically wrong and I'm powerless to do anything, here's my catharsis. Claire and I are getting married soon - it's very exciting - and my best men and I need to look... Continue Reading →

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