Encoding video adds brightness

Every time I encoded a video I've been working on from the enormous .avi format to .mp4, it was washing out all my colours. My very light background texture was all but disappearing, and everything looked like rubbish. After lots of investigation, it was the settings in VLC which were doing it. I turned my... Continue Reading →

Track Adobe Captivate courses without an LMS

I give Adobe a hard time on Craptivate (it is terrible) but I've just found something that doesn't quite suck – a way to report on courses without an LMS. And this comes packaged with Captivate - the 'Adobe Quiz Results Analyser'! It's very easy to set up: put 'internalServerReporting.php' and 'internalserverread.php' from your 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe... Continue Reading →

Get country from IP address with JavaScript

This uses the telize site to get a geolocation of an IP address. It's not 100% accurate but fine for country-level location, which is all I wanted. <script type="application/javascript"> function getgeoip(json){ //document.write("Geolocation information for IP address : ", json.ip); //document.write("Country : ", json.country); //document.write("Latitude : ", json.latitude); //document.write("Longitude : ", json.longitude); //document.write("Country: " + json.country);... Continue Reading →

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