Wellington Parking Ticket

I got a parking ticket. I got a parking ticket and it violates all that is fair, Just and decent. Since I am technically wrong and I'm powerless to do anything, here's my catharsis. Claire and I are getting married soon - it's very exciting - and my best men and I need to look... Continue Reading →

Tramping: Totara Flats

With my mate R we took a car-swap tramp out to Totara Flats Hut, organised via the Meetup Wellington Tramping Group. R's party of four came from Holdsworth Roadend, and mine came from Waiohine. I have shown my groups timing in my photo, but we were bloody casual about our pace. Stopping for rests, views,... Continue Reading →

Tararua Ranges: Powell Hut

'Tramping in winter you need crampons and ice axes' I've heard. I haven't tramped in the snow but I want to go have a look. With a small dusting on the Tararua ranges, the Holdsworth-Jumbo circuit is the go - I put an ad on Meetup and a party of five gathers. I wake at 5am and stumble... Continue Reading →

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