Broken Heels and Bicycle Wheels Paperback

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At the end of 2018 I embarked on my odyssey walking New Zealand top to bottom. Things didn’t work out and I ended up on a pushbike – this is my story.

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As 2018 drew to a close I embarked on what was to be my grand odyssey, a North – South walk of Aotearoa. Following the Te Araroa route, I was to walk 3,000km over the next six months. Spoiler: I didn’t.

After some ups and downs, I binned that idea and had a crack at biking it instead.

Broken Heels and Bicycle Wheels is my tale from that six month period. It’s a fairly raw retelling of my trip as I lived it, warts and all.

“I really enjoyed reading your book.  In many parts I could practically feel the wind blowing through my hair. The sense of journey is strong.”


What’s in the book:

  • 250 pages of story
  • Section maps integrated for both the tramping and the biking
  • 10 pages of photos at the end and a nationwide map of my Tour Aotearoa. Don’t peek, I look better in your mind!

It’s printed right here in sunny Petone.

Here’s a PDF preview of the first bit.

NZ shipping only at the moment, sorry international folks. 


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