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Videos won’t play again in Storyline 2

Videos won’t play again in Storyline 2

I have been developing a screen with various videos on it. I would like learners to watch the videos again if they want to – but there is a bug in Storyline 2, where the ‘media completes’ trigger on the videos breaks the screens in some instances – the videos won’t play again. It is quite weird!

I found this thread on the official support forums, and using that I got my screen to work.

In my instance, I wanted the video to play, then when it finished (media complete) I wanted it to play another layer with an ‘exit transition’. This would work, but when you opened the video layer again it just wouldn’t play – even scrubbing the playhead etc. wouldn’t work (unless you click it 600 times?)

To work around this – put a small sound file on the layer with your video. Stop it when the layer begins.
Set a trigger for ‘when media completes’ on your video, to play the small audio track.
Then run your ‘media completes’ actions for when the audio completes (instead of the video). It’s rather odd, but that works. It seems the ‘media completes’ triggers are more robust for the audio track. You’ll add a dirty little .2second .mp3 file to everything but it works, and that’s good enough!

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