Waiorongomai Hut

Waiorongomai Hut 26.09.2020 (2hrs one way)

I had meant this weekend trip to be a newbie-friendly Bushcraft Wellington Meetup overnighter but cancelled due to insufficient interest, backed up by a terrible forecast. But Saturday day was OK, so Dave and I headed out to visit this isolated spot in the northern Rimutakas.

Getting there is pretty straight-forward. DOC signs are well-located off Western Lake Road and up the driveway, farmland access generously provided. They allow campervans to camp there and there’s a DOC toilet at the trailhead.

Picnic area at start

You’re in the river straight away, and it is a river. I’d be very wary about being up here before rain, coming out would be a mare.

Wet feet at minute 1

You follow the riverbed for a k or so, then it gets more bush – a variety of manuka forest, beech, and nikau depending on the location. A nice bit of rarely visited bush!

Patches are absolutely wrecked by pigs, so we were happy to see two pig hunters with dogs heading out after ‘getting two little ones’ – then taking off past us the other way after number 3.

Pig rutting damage. Won’t be much forest left if we leave them to it
Beaut beech

Eventually we get to the hut, and someone’s home reading a book while their partner unsuccessfully hunts deer. I didn’t intrude and read the hut book or write an entry, whoops!

Waiorongomai hut
With me too

Dave and I find a nearby spot and play about with hammock, tarp and a little fire having a nice lunch, then we head off back out again.

Great little spot!

Dave and I
Some lucky Wellingtonians!

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