Track Adobe Captivate courses without an LMS

I give Adobe a hard time on Craptivate (it is terrible) but I've just found something that doesn't quite suck – a way to report on courses without an LMS. And this comes packaged with Captivate - the 'Adobe Quiz Results Analyser'! It's very easy to set up: put 'internalServerReporting.php' and 'internalserverread.php' from your 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe... Continue Reading →

Get country from IP address with JavaScript

This uses the telize site to get a geolocation of an IP address. It's not 100% accurate but fine for country-level location, which is all I wanted. <script type="application/javascript"> function getgeoip(json){ //document.write("Geolocation information for IP address : ", json.ip); //document.write("Country : ",; //document.write("Latitude : ", json.latitude); //document.write("Longitude : ", json.longitude); //document.write("Country: " +;... Continue Reading →

Refer to an object on the Captivate stage

using widgetfactory, you can access captivate items on the stage - and if you can do that, you can do ANYTHING with ANYTHING - very exciting! override protected function enterRuntime():void { var mc:MovieClip = getSlideObjectByName("item"); mc.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, function() {mc.rotation++}); } src:

Captivate 6/7 recording size for 1024×768

For a popup window, with resizing enabled but no scrolling etc., popping up in a windows XP resolution of 1024x768, maximum recording size is: 1012x636. ------------ NEWSFLASH! 28.11.2014 with updated browsers forcing an address bar and the rest, new size: 1009x632 you can pop up the simulations with this js:'try it.htm','simulation','scrollbars=0,width=1005,height=658,toolbar=0,menubar=0,location=0,status=0,resizeable=1'); The size is... Continue Reading →

Captivate Variables

You can print a variable by putting $$'s around it in a caption. $$cpInfoPercentage$$ List of variables and what they do (ty!):

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