Tramping: Taking the Mick

I picked up a NewTopo Map of the Tararua Ranges a while back. It's a great planning map - the whole range is there, including estimated walk times on various routes, and it marks various things unfound on some other modern maps. What sets us on our journey today is a point of interest W of... Continue Reading →

Tramping: Pinnacle Ridge to Mitre Flats

R eyeballs the Pinnacle Ridge in the mid-Tararuas as a place to get some off-track navigation practice. He collects some of his friends who're keen to do similar, of which I am one - so I head off for the first trip I haven't had to do anything for in ages. When you haven't been in the back seat... Continue Reading →

Tararua Ranges: Powell Hut

'Tramping in winter you need crampons and ice axes' I've heard. I haven't tramped in the snow but I want to go have a look. With a small dusting on the Tararua ranges, the Holdsworth-Jumbo circuit is the go - I put an ad on Meetup and a party of five gathers. I wake at 5am and stumble... Continue Reading →

Tramping: Penn Creek Hut

Date: 06/05/2018 – 07/05/2018 Party: Rachel, Kristyna, Larry Night location/s: Penn Creek Hut Hosting a tramp overnight on Sunday is an experiment - how many keen shift workers are around? With howling gales and rain forecast, the answer is just one. So Rachel and I gear up to walk to Penn Creek, when a mutual friend (MB) puts us... Continue Reading →

Tramping: Roaring Stag Lodge

Date: 28/04/2018 – 29/04/2018 Party: Gerry, Larry Night location/s: Roaring Stag Lodge Leaving Putara Roadend at 12:30, we cross five minutes of farmland before reaching the first bridge (320m), over a tributary of the Mangatainoka River outside Eketahuna. From here we follow along the banks of the waterway, climbing slowly to 400m and another bridge, much bigger at 1:10 (40min... Continue Reading →

Tramping: Mt Reeves via Cone hut and Tutuwai

Date: 21/04/2018 – 22/04/2018 Party: Rachel, Mae, Julia, Jeff, Catherine and Larry Night location/s: Tutuwai Hut Meetup has a tramping group I joined a while back to connect with more trampers. The only problem is most trips are often fully booked - so I put my hand up to organise some myself. This trip is my first Meetup lead. Our intention... Continue Reading →

Tramping: Kapakapanui Hut circuit track

Date: 17/03/2018 – 18/03/2018 Party: Larry, Garry Night location/s: Kapakapanui Hut   The Kapakapanui track circuit perches on the eastern edge of the Tararuas. It was recommended to me last year as a good first tramp for Gerry and I. Gerry protested due to GHOSTS. So this weekend I took a different G up for his first... Continue Reading →

Tararua Ranges; Tramping the Southern Crossing

I have longed to explore the Tararua ranges since my early 20s, but through a lack of knowledge, company and the semi-regular deaths-of-the-ill-prepared, they have remained out of reach. Not anymore! This entry covers my first tramp - the Southern Crossing. Often snow-covered in winter, the Tararua Ranges are a seductive untamed wilderness so close... Continue Reading →

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